Review: How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge by K. Eason


Rating: ☆☆
Title: How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge
Author: K. Eason
Series: The Thorne Chronicles #2
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Audience: Adult
Format: eARC/Audiobook
Narrator: Nicole Poole
Length: 13 hours (408 pages)
Publisher: Daw Books; Tantor Audio
Release Date: October 27, 2020
Source: eARC from publisher via Netgalley; audiobook from library


Rory Thorne must use the fairy blessings gifted to her to change the multiverse in the second book in this space opera duology.

After avoiding an arranged marriage, thwarting a coup, and inadvertently kick-starting a revolution, Rory Thorne is no longer a princess, but a space pirate.

Her new life is interrupted when Rory and her crew–former royal bodyguards, Thorsdottir and Zhang, and co-conspirator Jaed–encounter an abandoned ship registered under a false name, seemingly fallen victim to attack. As they investigate, they find evidence of vicious technology and arithmancy, alien and far beyond known capabilities.

The only answer to all the destruction is the mysterious, and unexpected, cargo: a rose plant. One that reveals themself to be sentient–and designed as a massive biological weapon. Rose seeks to escape their intended fate, and Rory and her friends must act fast when the attackers return with their superior weaponry.

As the situation gains the attention of an increasing number of alien races, Rory finds herself acting as negotiator and diplomat, in order to save Rose and her friends–and avert an unprecedented war.


This sequel did not have the charm, wit, humor, or creativity of the original. While How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse blended myriad fairy tales and sci-fi tropes to create something fresh and fun, this space saga involving alien politics and a mysterious super weapon felt uninspired. I still don’t understand arithmancy, the tech-based magic system. The characters felt bland, and the drawn out story just did not hold my attention.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the free eARC.

Author: Caroline | Carolibrary

Hello! I’m Caroline! I am a teacher, a book lover, and a nerd. My passions include reading, writing, bookstagram, barre & yoga, baking, binging TV shows, and Star Wars. I love stories in all formats because they can transport you to a different world while helping you understand the world around you. I have always found books to be a particularly magical source of imagination.

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