Review: The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan


Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Title: The Dragon Reborn
Author: Robert Jordan
Series: The Wheel of Time #3
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
Format: ebook/audiobook
Narrators: Kate Reading & Michael Kramer
Length: 25 hours (596 pages)
Publisher: Tor Books; Books on Tape
Release Date: October 15, 1991
Source: Library
Content Warnings: death, violence, kidnapping


The Dragon Reborn–the leader long prophesied who will save the world, but in the saving destroy it; the savior who will run mad and kill all those dearest to him–is on the run from his destiny.

Able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it, and with no one to teach him how–for no man has done it in three thousand years–Rand al’Thor knows only that he must face the Dark One. But how?

Winter has stopped the war-almost-yet men are dying, calling out for the Dragon. But where is he?

Perrin Aybara is in pursuit with Moiraine Sedai, her Warder Lan, and the Loial the Ogier. Bedeviled by dreams, Perrin is grappling with another deadly problem–how is her to escape the loss of his own humanity.

Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are approaching Tar Valon, where Mat will be healed–if he lives until they arrive. But who will tell the Amyrlin their news–that the Black Ajah, long thought only a hideous rumor, is all too real? They cannot know that in Tar Valon far worse awaits…

Ahead, for all of them, in the Heart of the Stone, lies the next great test of the Dragon reborn….


Another enjoyable installment in the Wheel of Time series, although it still suffers from general length and slowness. Lots of world building and expanding of the magic system. Rand, while a very important character, played a much smaller role in this book, at least in terms of POV, which was a blessed relief from his whining. I most enjoyed Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne’s storyline, learning more about the Aes Sedai, their magic with the One Power, and dark threats within the organization. Matt also started coming into his own as a character in this book. The ending was very exciting and worth the slow build.

Author: Caroline | Carolibrary

Hello! I’m Caroline! I am a teacher, a book lover, and a nerd. My passions include reading, writing, bookstagram, barre & yoga, baking, binging TV shows, and Star Wars. I love stories in all formats because they can transport you to a different world while helping you understand the world around you. I have always found books to be a particularly magical source of imagination.

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